Interview: Winter Weight Loss Tips With Kathie Marshall

Monday, April 12th, 2010

With only six weeks until June we’re starting to think about bathing suit season. The good news is that six weeks is enough time to make a significant difference in your body shape if you are committed. We asked a Langley-based Personal Trainer, Kathie Marshall, for guidelines on how often to exercise and how to stay motivated.  Kathie and her business partner Juan Lombana run Equilibria,a pilates studio and gym in Langley. Kathie has been a Personal Trainer for over six years and holds one of the highest certifications in pilates training in Canada.

What are some realistic weight loss and fitness goals that can be achieved in the next six weeks, before the start of summer?

Go all in! If you have waited to get summer ready until the last 6 weeks before the warm weather arrives, you might as well jump in with both feet. Work out hard for the next 6 weeks and you will lose significant inches, fat and create tone and strength.  You will feel like a million bucks.   I have seen people lose 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks! It can be enough time to change significantly.

What is the minimum recommended time to spend each week exercising?

Staying with the idea of our looming 6 week deadline here is my suggestion, a couple times a year it is safe to go all in and just see what you are made of.

My suggestion for you is to:

  • Work out 5 or 6 days a week
  • Work out at the top of your intensity for 40-60 minutes.
  • Better yet, join a 6 week professionally led boot camp or some other fitness challenge.

But once your 6 weeks is up, go back to a more moderate kind of schedule to give your body a much deserved break. You won’t over train your muscles if you give them 24 hours of rest before working them again. After the 6 weeks of intense training, ease up and let yourself enjoy the summer without such a grueling schedule.

Do people need to follow a standard program of cardio and weights or can they achieve similar results through activities like pilates or sports?

I say choose like a child and commit like an adult. Pick activities like a child, whatever excites or intrigues you. You might not be great at it at the beginning but that is no reason to give up!

You will get the best results doing something you enjoy, for the simple reason that you will never miss a session.

What are some strategies for people struggling to motivate themselves to work-out on a consistent basis?

This is the million dollar question. A couple of die-hard strategies we use at Equilibria:

1) Buddy up- It’s harder to disappoint a friend than yourself.
2) Pay for a class/trainer – When money is involved we are more likely to show up!
3) Define your goals down to the last detail – then be open to whatever else happens along the way.
4) Write out a really specific plan for achieving your goals  –  then let it change as it needs.
5) Write down all of your excuses you usually use to not workout and come up with solutions to them before they occur.

I always say that motivation is an inside job, meaning we need to change all of the mean, self sabotaging thoughts we have about ourselves before any real success can be obtained. Start paying attention to your thoughts and see what you notice.  It may become quite clear why you have had trouble sticking to goals in the past.

What are some of the benefits to working with a Personal Trainer?

Fitness is all we do. We research, study, eat, breathe and live fitness and health. So you are hiring a professional that is dedicated to changing your life.  Your trainer will be your champion, your source of motivation and whatever else you need us to be for you to succeed.

Working with a Personal Trainer is a time for you to show you care about your life, that you are taking a stand against excuses and putting in the work to change your body for the better. We are fitness professionals who have learned the best most effective ways to motivate, train and inspire you to your best.

Equilibria Personal Training and Pilates
305 – 20238 Fraser Hwy, Langley BC
Ring: 778.278.0505

Contributor: Kelly Neufeld

Kelly Neufeld is a freelance writer who lives in Abbotsford with her husband and their two daughters. In addition to writing articles for the Fraser Valley Pulse, Kelly is a contributing writer & Marketing Coordinator for Impowerage Magazine. She enjoys spending time with her family, staying active and shopping.

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