I’m Melting!

Monday, June 7th, 2010

“I’m melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Oooooh, look out! I’m going! Oooooh! Ooooooh!”  While this phrase may bring you memories of The Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, those words were actually the thoughts going through my mind one hot August afternoon a few years ago.

I was at an outdoor wedding, waiting for the arrival of the bride (my friend) and not only were my thighs actually sticking to each other, but I was on the verge of getting the Whitney Houston upper lip sweat.  No joke!  It was not pretty.  And yet, when I look back at the pictures from the day, I managed to actually look somewhat pulled together and not like the melting mess I felt like.

I’m gonna chalk the good pictures up to two things, 1) Having the time to rest in the shade and ‘air out’ before having them taken and 2) Having a few little makeup tricks up my sleeve (though I wasn’t wearing any sleeves on my dress that day).

First of all, there are never any hard set rules when it comes to makeup.  There are ways to do things better but the goal is to find what works for you and run with it.  During the summer months, I have more color to my skin (and natural moisture) so I feel as though I can get away with wearing less makeup.

No matter what you put on top, you absolutely must start with a moisturizer with SPF.  I’d like to suggest that you set aside your regular foundation all together and substitute a primer like Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer or use a lightweight, tinted moisturizer instead.

Believe it or not, there are waterproof concealers out there, such as Lancome’s Effarcenes Waterproof undereye concealer, which are creamy and light, but contain a higher amount of pigment in them to give you mega coverage with little application.  If you’re like me… constantly fighting the dark purple circles, this product is one to try!

Although the next natural step is to use a powder on top, skip it and try using blotting papers such as MAC’s Blot Film or Lise Watier’s Oil Blotting Papers.  The purpose of these is to remove shine without adding product, reducing your chances of a cakey, powdered look.  They are slim and fit in most purses or pockets and are simple to use.  Best of all, they won’t wreck or remove any existing makeup that you have on.

Your cheeks probably still need a hint of color and a great way to achieve that in summer is to use a cheek stain like Benefit’s Benetint or a cream/gel blush such as Mark’s Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint.  The key is to dab and blend until you see neither dabs nor streaks.  Think “apples” of the cheeks when you want natural looking color and up along the cheekbones when you want lift and contour.

Your eyes can still be emphasized in the summer, but be sure to use specific products that are smudge proof or waterproof.  There are many brands of makeup that carry a range of waterproof eyeliners in an array of colors, such as the Sephora Collection Flashy Liner Waterproof pencil and L’Oreal Paris’ liquid Lineur Intense Brush Tip.  You don’t have to avoid eye makeup altogether, just be smart about it.

Of course, if you find that your mascara melts, runs or smudges, use a waterproof formula of your existing mascara.  Most companies make both regular and waterproof versions and since you’re switching your mascara every 2-3 months anyway (Riiiiight?), it’s an easy adjustment.

Don’t forget about your lips!!  Leave the lipstick at home and opt for a tinted lip balm.  You’ll get the moisture you need with a dash of color too.  Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer combines their fabulous balm with the perfect hint of color.

Consider yourself Armed and Fabulous for the summer!!

Contributor: Chrissy Lambert

Chrissy Lambert is a freelance Makeup Artist and owner of Makeup Infusion. She is a proud Auntie of two adorable nieces and loves a night out “on the town” as much as a quiet night at home.

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