Halloween Party Tips with Newlove Decor & Design

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. We turned to event planner, Erin Newlove-Nicholas of Newlove Decor and Designs for advice on planning the ultimate Halloween party for adults.

Q. Where are some local stores to get party decorations?

A. One of my favorite stores is Classic Party Supply and Rentals in Abbotsford. They have everything you could think of for any kind of themed party or wedding. Turkeys Party Makers in Surrey has a wonderful selection as well.

You can also go to local farms and barns for materials such as pumpkins, ornamental corn and hay. This will give your party an authentic feel.

Q. Can you recommend some themed party appetizers or snacks?

A. Well there are two ways you can go with this. You can have yummy food shaped like disgusting things, like shortbread witches fingers with jam as the blood or seasonal items such as pumpkin cheese cake and butternut squash bars.  The first option lets you be more creative. Jello shots with gummy worms in them are always a hit.

A classic is the famous witches brew. Take a large pumpkin and scoop out all the guts and line it with a heavy clear plastic bag. Right before serving fill the bag in the pumpkin with root beer and drop scoops of vanilla ice cream in it and you have a foaming witches brew. The possibilities are endless here.

Q. What is the appropriate way to word an invitation to let people know it is a kid free party?

A. This is always a tricky situation as to not to offend your guests. Just like wedding invitations, the best way to get your point across for an adult only affair to make sure the invitation only reads to the specific people being asked to attend. Don’t put John Smith and guests or family. This is leaving them open to bring whoever they wish. Use proper names of the specific people that you wish to attend. Also it is ok to have it say 18+ only on the invite.

Another way to say adults only would be: Due to the nature of the party we ask that children do not attend.

Q. What are some of the popular costumes this year?

A. It’s all about going to the movies this year. From Alice in Wonderland to Avatar and anything in between these are going to be sure hits for any Halloween gathering.  Lady Gaga is also going to be big this year.

Q. Where can you pick up some great costumes?

A. Jazzmatazz in Abbotsford has a great rental selection of costumes. One of my favorite places though is always the thrift stores. You’re guaranteed to find something crazy and funny there. The great thing about thrift stores is that it is saving you money on something you’re only wearing for one night.

Also check out The Flying Witch and Hallowville Manor in Langley and Ye Olde Piggy Bank Costume Rentals in Cloverdale.

Q. Any other tips for planning a unique and memorable Halloween Party?

A. Don’t over plan! Halloween parties are supposed to be  fun and relaxed. Try to think outside of the box for your party. Having a themed party is a great idea for a fun evening. A murder mystery night is sure way to get your guests into the Halloween spirit. Also have a costume contest with weird categories. Like worst costume or best makeup job.

Games may sound childish but there’s a kid inside all of us still. A great game is fear factor; where people have to smell and taste weird food items and guess what they are. Give prizes to the winners. Prizes don’t need to be anything glamorous. Coffee cards or small gifts are appropriate. The key is to have a care free “haunting” good evening with your friends.

Contributor: Kelly Neufeld

Kelly Neufeld is a freelance writer who lives in Abbotsford with her husband and their two daughters. In addition to writing articles for the Fraser Valley Pulse, Kelly is a contributing writer & Marketing Coordinator for Impowerage Magazine. She enjoys spending time with her family, staying active and shopping.

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