Frugal Fun: Jo Priestley Pottery Studio & Garden

Monday, November 8th, 2010

As we know from last week’s Pulse Spotlight, the Fraser Valley is filled with incredibly talented artists! This month for our Frugal Fun adventure, we visited the studio of local pottery artist Jo Priestley, and learned about beautiful artwork, tending gardens, and taking time to enjoy the views of the Fraser Valley.

The Jo Priestley Pottery Studio & Garden is a great artistic destination to visit before the weather gets too chilly. Located in Mission, Jo opens her studio, personal gallery and award winning garden up to visitors Thursdays to Sundays from 10am – 5pm. Admission is complimentary, and visitors are encouraged to wander around the grounds and enjoy not only the pottery, but also the beautiful garden and a breathtaking view of the Fraser Valley. Take a few minutes to catch your breath on the bench facing over the mountain, or under the cover of the patio if it starts to drizzle.

Jo Priestley Pottery Studio & Garden
Attribution License by Ode to the Ordinary

With public and private galleries all over BC, the items on display in her personal gallery here in Mission are just a small sampling of Jo’s work. Pottery amateurs and novices alike can appreciate the fine detail and exquisite glaze colour of all of Jo’s pieces – if you look closely, you will notice that no two pieces are the same. If you see something you’d like to take home with you – you can! All items displayed in the showroom are available for sale.

While you’re there, be sure to take the time to read the signs as you go along, and enquire about the different techniques used to create the pieces in the gallery. With so many different colour combinations and techniques, it is easier to truly appreciate the art once you are familiar with the elaborate steps involved in creating the pieces on display. Jo is always happy to chat to her visitors and introduce them to the world of pottery.

Jo Priestley Pottery Studio & Garden
Attribution License by Ode to the Ordinary

The Jo Priestley Pottery Studio & Garden occasionally hosts open houses, and holiday events – so be sure to watch the website for updates, and possible hour changes during the holidays.

Jo Priestley Pottery Studio & Garden
33140 Richards Ave, Mission
Ring: 604-826-3482

Contributor: Shannon Clattenburg

Shannon Clattenburg is a creative spirit first and a freelance writer second. She is a features writer for Fraser Valley Pulse and has a love for uncovering hidden gems throughout the Fraser Valley . She lives in Chilliwack with her boyfriend and her doggy Rolo. Twitter: @OrdinaryShan

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