Frugal Fun: Antique Shopping in the Fraser Valley

Monday, February 28th, 2011

If you ever spent time in your grandma’s attic as a child, you are probably familiar with that feeling of excitement when you find something so unique you can’t wait to tell someone about it. Now that we are adults, we spend much less time exploring attics and not nearly enough time getting exciting about finding treasures. This month, recreate a little of that treasure hunting excitement and head out for an afternoon of antiquing and flea market hunting at one (or more!) of the Fraser Valley’s antique store destinations.

The best part of embarking on an antiquing adventure is that it is truly a frugal one. With little to no admission fees and zero pressure to buy anything at all, it makes for a great way to spend a few hours. From 1950’s memorabilia to miscellaneous kitchen accessories and glassware or vintage books and dolls, there is usually something for everyone to find interesting. If you have kiddies, bring them along as well to share stories about days gone by and a few of the memories that different pieces remind you of.

Frugal Fun: Go Antiquing!Attribution License by Ode to the Ordinary

If you are searching for a particular addition for your home or office, don’t be shy! Let the shop owner know what you are looking for and don’t be afraid to ask questions; we find they are usually very happy to chat with you about their treasures. Lots of antique stores will also allow you put your name on a waiting list if you are looking for something specific. The fabulous folks who work at these stores often take a great interest in finding hidden gems, too, and are a great resource for treasure hunting.

Another advantage of going antiquing is the ability to find things with repurposing or refinishing potential. Think outside the box for different ways to use items such as vintage milk crates, incomplete picture frames and antique vases and mugs. When purchasing new furniture is not always an option (or you can’t find what you are looking for), consider purchasing a gently used furniture piece and restoring or altering it for a unique conversation piece that matches your décor.

Frugal Fun: Go Antiquing!
Attribution License by Ode to the Ordinary

Even if you aren’t expecting to purchase anything during your outing, make sure to take a few dollars in change with you just in case.  You never know what sorts of treasure you might discover, and it would be a shame to have to leave them behind (not all antique stores and flea market vendors will accept debit or credit cards).

We recommend calling any Fraser Valley antique store ahead of time for their hours of operation. Many smaller stores are not open 7 days of the week.

Frugal Fun: Go Antiquing!
Attribution License by Ode to the Ordinary

If you haven’t been out on an antiquing adventure before, here are a few destinations to get you started:

Do you have a favourite place to find antique treasures in the Fraser Valley? Let us know!

Contributor: Shannon Clattenburg

Shannon Clattenburg is a creative spirit first and a freelance writer second. She is a features writer for Fraser Valley Pulse and has a love for uncovering hidden gems throughout the Fraser Valley . She lives in Chilliwack with her boyfriend and her doggy Rolo. Twitter: @OrdinaryShan

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