February’s Read: Stuck in Downward Facing Dog

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

February’s Pulse Book Club pick is  Stuck in Downward Dog by Canadian Author Chantel Simmons.  A nice, light and fluffy read to start off our book club.  Stuck in Downward Dog should be available at your local library or neighbourhood book store.  There are great book stores all throughout the Fraser Valley.

About the book:

Mara Brennan is about to unravel. Three days after her twenty-eighth birthday, her boyfriend dumps her, leaving her with nothing but a basement apartment, a futon and a pile of unpaid bills. On top of that, her job, working as a receptionist at a cosmetic surgery clinic, is a nightmare; her boss is a tyrant; and her best friends have gotten ahead of her in the game of life. Mara realizes it’s time for an identity makeover. She devises the OM List, a personal pathway to perfection inspired by her best friends, Olivia and Mitz, and her newfound love for yoga. But instead of finding the perfect job, getting the perfect body and cooking the perfect meal, Mara hilariously tries and fails at all the things she thinks will make her the sophisticated grown-up she wants to be.

Navigating the dueling worlds of yoga and cosmetic surgery, gourmet dinners and Frankenberry cereal, etiquette handbooks and too-helpful loved ones, Stuck in Downward Dog is Chantel Simmons’ unforgettable comic debut about how to get unstuck when you’re caught in a rut.

When you’ve finished reading this book, please stop by to leave your thoughts/comments below.  Or join us for a live virtual chat on Monday, March 8th at 7:30PM.  We’ll be there, chatting about the book and introducing next month’s read, for one hour. We hope you’ll join us!

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