Embrace Bathing Suit Shopping This Year!

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Is there anyone who likes bathing suit shopping?  If you have a “perfect” body and no qualms about parading it in a skintight barely-there suit, then congratulations to you.

If, however, you find yourself in the same boat as the rest of us mere mortals when it comes to bathing suits, then I have a proposal for you.  You know all the years you’ve spent cringing when you think about having to expose your bod in the heat of summer?  Well, this is the year to take back the lakes!  Take back the beaches, the backyards, the swimming pools! Take back the carefree years of not thinking about what your body looks like, but what it can do!  And I’m going to tell you 3 things that will help you find the joy in bathing suits again!

NYC Women's Apparel Store Window
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1. (a) Ladies, come on…your significant other is not a fool!  You need to think about that when you’re psyching yourself up to go bathing suit shopping.  There exists someone in the world who chose you above all others, and who thinks you look good in whatever you’re wearing.  Who are you to disagree?  If you need to bring your hubby for moral support and maybe to hold your purse while you try on lovely body-enhancing fashions, then go for it!

(b) Single?  Hallelujah!  Get yourself a cutout suit that proclaims “ I am free!” and strut your stuff.  You may not hook up at the beach, but you can bet you’ll be ogled.  Après swim, you can relax solo or with friends and luxuriate in being calmly, blessedly, single.

2. You’re not 18 anymore…sweet!  It wasn’t ALL bad being a teenager, just mostly.  Yeah, your breasts were higher, so what?  Your mind is sharper, you have higher earning potential and you require (and get) more on a first date than sneaking cigarettes behind the gym.  Celebrate!  Because we are not only                our bodies, we are also our minds, and your mind is foxy!

3. Perfection doesn’t exist.  I know we say this a lot, but we need to feel it better.  If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, than you are ideal to someone.  Know what that means?  It means that no swimsuit, good or bad, is going to affect that.  So you’re free to go find the best one you can!  One piece, two piece,                Cutout or tankini, this season has great options for every body type and taste.  So stop obsessing over “imperfections” and celebrate your shape; it’s the sexiest thing you can do!

My top picks for where to pick yourself up a great bathing suit in the Fraser Valley:

Wishes and Co. – it’s a tiny little store, but don’t be fooled: they carry everything you could possibly want and more!

Mico’s Swimwear - again, not a big store but it is jam-packed with everything you need to outfit yourself for a day at the beach/pool/resort.

Zammy’s Lingerie - this great shop carries swimwear to fit all shapes and sizes. We like!

Contributor: Brianna Carson

Brianna is a nomad freelance writer from White Rock, currently residing in Edmonton with her boyfriend. She spends most her time writing and working in interior designs. Brianna visits the Fraser Valley as often as she can as it's her favourite place on earth.

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  1. Karen Yockey says:

    Good Morning, Brianna:
    Is there anyway, that I can be a free lance writer and get paid for my
    articles…if I was to write any…I love to shop…from the lower mainland
    I have some pretty special stores, that I love to visit, shop- (hindering
    on money available ). I am a shopaholic – sometimes Its thereapy…
    then other times therapy turns into sadness…terrible circle somedays!!
    Trying to keep Life in the Good. Positive attitude always!!
    Have a awesome day. Karen.

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