Day to Night Makeup

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

When I head out for the day, it’s rare that I bring makeup with me for re-application. I guess I’m the type of person that believes that if your makeup is applied well at the start of the day and with quality products, there should be little reason or need to re-apply it later on.  Gym workouts, sudden downpours and pies in the face excluded, your makeup should stay put.

But when you finish your work day and start to turn your attention to your evening plans, it’s a great time to turn up the va va voom on your existing makeup with a few, fairly simple upgrades.  This is where a mini makeup kit in your purse definitely comes in handy.

Now I say all this assuming that you took a little time at the start of your day to apply a clean and fresh daytime look.  I don’t consider myself to be a “chipper” morning person, but I do make the time to apply some makeup before I leave for work.  It helps me feel polished, pretty and professional.  

That being said, 15 minutes is more than enough time to achieve this look.  Start with a foundation of your choice, liquid, mineral or other, to even out your skin tone.  Powder your T-zone if needed to set your makeup and control shine, dust on a hint of blush, wiggle a mascara wand through your lashes and layer your lips with a dash of color in a sheer texture.  This is a quick and basic look for your average day of tackling errands, work, kids or whatever else that may come at you.

But let’s get back to the fun discussion of your evening out after the mayhem of the day.  That handy little makeup kit should have a few essentials, such as an eyeliner, mini mascara, powder or blotting papers and lipstick or gloss of your color choice.  And shimmer.  Definitely don’t forget the shimmer.

If your eyes already have mascara and a little eyeliner, it’s time to go to the dark side.  Try lining the inside rim of your lower lashes for an intense look.  Black is where it’s at for the most dramatic effect on any eye, but ladies with a particular eye color can definitely complement their peepers with alternate shades.  Blue eyed beauties will notice a pop when they add a navy or dark grey liner.  The hazel and green eyed goddesses will dazzle with a deep plum liner and for all you beautiful brown eyed girls, try a coppery bronze or emerald green liner.

With all that intense liner, be sure to go back and apply at least one, if not two or more coats of mascara to the top and bottom eyelashes to give them extra drama (or skip the mascara altogether and get eyelash extensions).  Between the dark eyeliner and the voluminous lashes that will leave Betty Boop jealous, your dramatic look is falling into place, well, right before your eyes.

If you need to control any shine, do it with blotting papers or powder.  With a light sweeping of powder or pressing blotting paper into the trouble areas on your face, you can quickly restore that flawless base.  Now you can apply shimmer in strategic places to give your skin a dreamy glow that catches the light as you move, talk, and laugh.   Start with a dusting along the top of your cheekbones.  Highlight the inside corner of the eyes, and for those ladies with a thin upper lip, apply a touch of shimmer to the peak of your upper lip to give the appearance of fuller lips.

Since you’ve worn off, eaten off or just gotten bored with your day to day lip color, pull out a different shade to go with your sultry eyes.  A more pale and subdued lip color definitely compliments an extremely done-up eye.  If you need to neutralize your natural lip color first, lightly dab just a hint of concealer or foundation over them.  Then you can apply a color that is pale nude, beige or pink.  Gloss always gets a party started, so apply it liberally and often.

When going from daytime fresh to nighttime glam is as easy as this, why wouldn’t you do it?

Contributor: Chrissy Lambert

Chrissy Lambert is a freelance Makeup Artist and owner of Makeup Infusion. She is a proud Auntie of two adorable nieces and loves a night out “on the town” as much as a quiet night at home.

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