Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion in Abbotsford

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

For the first time ever, Cirque du Soleil is coming to the Fraser Valley! Dralion runs June 2 – June 5 at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre. Since 1999 more than 8 million people have enjoyed Dralion and now it’s going to be right in our backyard!

Dralion is ‘the fusion of ancient Chinese circus traditions and the avant-garde style of Cirque du Soleil‘. The name Dralion (pronounced “Dra-lee-on”) is drawn from its two main symbols: the dragon, representing the East, and the lion, representing the West. Dralion derives much of its inspiration from Eastern philosophy with its perpetual quest for harmony between humankind and nature. The international cast features 52 world-class acrobats, gymnasts, musicians, singers and comedic characters.

Tickets for the 8 performances are available online or by calling 1.866.977.2372.


This was the 5th Cirque du Soleil show that I had seen. I have been lucky enough to enjoy the talents of this company in several cities worldwide. Dralion in Abbotsford proved to be one of my absolute favourites!

The show started off with some clowns that actually made me laugh, as they did throughout the entire performance. There was the token audience member that they picked on, a regular guy sporting a Luongo t-shirt (Go Canucks!). I could hear chatter of several folks around me, wondering if this poor gentleman had been singled out or if it was an act. Hoots of cheering and laughter commenced when we finally learned he was part of the show all along!

For me, a show that will be remembered is one with outstanding music. Cirque’s Dralion had awesome beats and incredible live musicians. African, Eastern and Western rhythms blended perfectly to catch your attention at all times and add to the amazing visuals on stage.

The main characters Azala (representing Air), Gaya (Earth), Yao (Fire) and Oceane (Water) were outstanding, each offering their own special something to the elements of the show. When Yao twisted and turned, you paid attention! Gaya was my personal favourite, a powerful dancer capturing the audience’s attention!

The aerial hoop artist, the handbalancing and the hoop diving team stood out as exceptional performances. What some people can get their bodies to do is incredible! The trampoline wall is something everyone will enjoy, as is the contortionist juggler.

If given the chance, I will see Dralion again. It was fun, energetic, exciting and captivating. The Lower Mainland was lucky to get this particular Cirque du Soleil tour this time around! Go see it!

Contributor: Kristi Ferguson

Kristi Ferguson is the Founder & Editor of The Pulse. Her company, Double You, offers online communications consulting, project management and event planning. Kristi is a proud mama who loves to explore, shop, laugh & create. She is passionate about promoting all things local. Twitter: @pulseblogonline @MrsKFergie

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