Canada Day Flash Mob Dance

Monday, June 14th, 2010

This is just way too much fun!

Feeling the pride and buzz after the 2010 Olympics, Langley’s Maria Martini joined forces with Marlise McCormick who was the Associate Director of Choreography for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games’ Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Together with award-winning songwriters Bob Buckley and Brian Gibson, they are planning a 1000 person flash mob dance at Langley’s Canada Day festivities.

If you are 15 years or older and love to dance (professional or just seriously enthusiastic), you can apply to take part in this awesome event at Rehearsals begin next week so apply soon!

A bilingual song entitled ‘Keep the Pride Alive/Une Fiert√© √† Conserver,’ was recorded by 28 musicians. At the Langley Canada Day celebrations, six of BC’s top vocalists will perform the song – including Langley’s own Cole Armour.

Flash Dance Mob
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