8 Family-Friendly Ways to Welcome Spring in the Fraser Valley

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

It’s spring in the Fraser Valley! I know this because today, I have seen pouring rain, hail, snow and bright blue sky with sunshine. So, to celebrate, here are a few simple ways to welcome spring as a family.

Visit a farm.
Introduce your children to our local farmers and let your children discover that baby animals are even cuter in real life.

Resources: www.circlefarmtour.com

Plant a garden.
The Fraser Valley boasts an excellent climate for gardening, whether your thumb is already green or you are still learning. Don’t let a lack of space dampen your enthusiasm: many a fine tomato has been grown in a 5-gallon bucket on the balcony. Another option is a plot at the community garden. Parent-sanctioned time to dig in the dirt – what kid wouldn’t love that?

Resources: Abbotsford Community Garden, your local garden centre or nursery.

Golden Daffodils
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License by new_sox

Eat outside.
After being cooped up inside all winter, everything tastes better outside. Throw a quick meal together, spread out an old sleeping bag with the nylon towards the wet grass to keep everyone from getting damp and nosh together. Best part? No ants.

Resources: Your back yard, any local park

Pick flowers.
There are gorgeous splashes of colour in every field, country ditch and highway median. Pick bouquets of daffodils and dandelions and fill your house with colour. Tulips of the Valley is on now until April 25.

Resources: free pick fields, your backyard

Spring clean and de-clutter.
All that sunshine coming through the windows just reminded me that I need to wash them. Make it a family project to de-clutter your house on a rainy day, donating gently used items to local charities. If you get everyone involved, you can be done pretty quickly.  Even just opening your windows wide for an afternoon can make the entire house feel fresh.

Resources: Check out these Spring Organization Tips with Janis Nylund

Go play at the playground.
Instead of standing at the edges to watch/check your iPhone, get out there on the slides and swings yourself. Play a family game of tag at the park together.

Resources: your local playground or park, imaginations

Go for a photo walk.
There are many parks or hiking trails around the Fraser Valley that are friendly for little feet. Simply let everyone take photographs of what appeals to them. You can take turns with the family camera or pick up a disposable camera each. Children have a unique vantage point. Afterwards, you can send your best photo to us at photos@fraservalleypulse.com and it might be featured on Pulse Pix.

Resources: camera, park, trail

Attend a community festival or celebration.
Almost all of the Fraser Valley communities are hosting farmers markets, parades and Earth Day celebrations in the next month.

Resources: Fraser Valley Pulse Events page, your city/town’s tourism centre.

Is there anything we missed? What is your family’s favourite way to celebrate spring in the Fraser Valley?

Contributor: Sarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey is a marketer, writer and blogger. She lives in Abbotsford for her husband and two children. Twitter: @emergingmummy

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