5 Great Things To Do This Fall

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Since the weather has clearly shifted into the fall season, I thought now would be a great time to start reminding myself that there really are great things to love about this time of year! If you’re anything like me, you know how difficult it can be to get used to the dreariness of it all. Too cheer myself up, I thought I would put together a list of great things to do this fall – and it’s already helping me get into the spirit.

So, grab a pumpkin spice latte, your favourite quilt and a ginger snap cookie, and get ready to embrace fall for everything it has to offer!

1. Bring the Outside, In!

We know, we all have the best of intentions when it comes to bringing all the warm tones of fall into the living room, but somehow they seem to be left dangling from our internet inspiration boards. This year, avoid getting overwhelmed by starting small (and early). Pick up a few gourds during your next visit to the grocery store, or a vase full of orange or dark red mum’s from the florist. These touches cost less than $5 and are a great way to set the tone for Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Get Creative (or just pretend to be)

If you have any extra picture frames laying around your house, fill them with fall-inspired print-ables like the ones below. Don’t have any extra? Switch out a few photos in the frames you already have – that’s the beauty of picture frames!


Download these printables for free! –> 1. Nest of Posies 2. Secrets of a Modern Momma

3. Embrace the Layering Trend

Fall has a tendency to inspire many women (myself included), to flip over their closets to showcase their warmer attire. Out with the bright teals and corals, and in with mauves, browns, greys and burgundies. Plus, for those of you that don’t wear scarves all year round – now would be a great time to dust them off! If you’re needing a bit of inspiration, I suggest Pinterest (of course!) – you can check out a few of my favourite fall boards herehere and here.


(ps – I’m loving the handmade leg warmers on the far right by Salem Wolf Designs)

4. Go Haunted Housing

One of the greatest things about fall is the abundance of hallowe’en themed events that take place all throughout the Fraser Valley during the month of October. From creepy haunted houses to fun pumpkin patches, we really do have a great selection of family friendly, young adult and date night hallowe’en attractions. So great, in fact, that we’ve written about a number of them over the past few years (would you expect anything less?).

If scaring yourself silly is your experience of choice, be sure to check out our “5 Great Haunted Houses” feature for a few of our favourites. Although a few of them (like Reapers Haunted Attraction and Ghost Ridge Haunted House) are for more serious thrill seekers, there are a few that are a little more tame. These are great for those of you who don’t want to miss out entirely, but might not be ready for the big scares. If that sounds like you, give Kilby Haunted House a try to ease you into it – we promise, it’s not that bad!


5. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

If getting the heebie-jeebies scared out of you really isn’t your thing (or you have little kiddies in tow), why not visit a great pumpkin patch? Since a lot of the pumpkin patches in the valley are more like mini festivals, there’s usually a lot more to do than just picking out a pumpkin. Whether you are on a family outing, or a unique date, plan to make an afternoon out of it and really enjoy everything they have to offer. Nobody’s too old for a hayride, and picking out that perfect pumpkin with an apple cider in tow really is way more rewarding than picking one up from the supermarket. As an added bonus, the colour of the pumpkins on a clear, crisp day makes for an incredible background for great photos.


What is your favourite way to celebrate the arrival of fall? Do you have any traditions that you do annually with family or friends?

Contributor: Shannon Clattenburg

Shannon Clattenburg is a creative spirit first and a freelance writer second. She is a features writer for Fraser Valley Pulse and has a love for uncovering hidden gems throughout the Fraser Valley . She lives in Chilliwack with her boyfriend and her doggy Rolo. Twitter: @OrdinaryShan

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