2011 West Coast Women’s Show – On Stage

Friday, October 21st, 2011

There are so many amazing live shows planned for this weekend, on the Main Stage, Spotlight Stage, Health & Wellness Stage and the Kitchen Theatre Stage. Stay tuned to our live blog to check out some of the highlights happening on stage!

Here is a schedule of what’s happening on each of the stages: Main Stage, Spotlight Stage, Kitchen Theatre, Health & Wellness Stage.

Show highlights this year include appearances by Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, hosts of Colin & Justin’s Home Heist, Fondant workshops with Jay Qualls of Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker (TLC) and, as always, plenty of action from the 2012 Hall of Flame Calendar Fire Fighters!

Dressed in Scottish attire (and complete with authentic Scottish ¬†accents) these two design boys bring big design tips to the West Coast Women’s Show in style! From great tips (paint large items like fireplaces in lighter colors to make them less of a focal point) to friendly threats (if you have dried flowers as decorations in your living room, you should get rid of them!) Colin & Justin are the perfect combination of great informative knowledge delivered in a high energy and entertaining fashion. We had a chance to catch up with them before the show, and they are just as entertaining in person as they are on stage!

Check out our 5 minute interview with Colin and Justin in the video below. These two were an absolute riot on stage, such fun! Their design tips are easy to follow and their fun approach makes the sometimes overwhelming challenge of interior design light and entertaining. See what these design gurus have to say about finding a happy design compromise with your partner, Canadian fashion sense and Star Wars!

For those of you familiar with Canadian best seller Mennonite Girls Can Cook, you know how much of a treat it is to have the authors on the Kitchen Theatre stage this weekend! Catch them on stage today at 12:30PM for Bring Your Family Home For Brunch and on Sunday at noon for Autumn Soups and Savory Scones. You can also catch up with the authors at Winks Home Garden and Gifts booth, where you can purchase a signed cookbook!

Tha Fae is Fraser Valley’s Funkiest Egyptian Cabaret & Fusion Bellydance Troupe. Funky music, sparkly costumes, gorgeous women – the crowd is mesmerized!

Sheryl Stanton – Stress Release For Life is on the Health & Wellness Stage right now! Sheryl’s talk is titled¬†3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Women Make That Keep Them Overstressed, Unhappy and Unhealthy and there’s a full house wanting to learn about these mistakes that many of us are probably guilty of. Sheryl is back on stage Sunday at 3:45PM.

Mr. September from the 2012 Hall of Flame Charity Calendar is cooking up a storm with Chef Dez! Join more calendar fire fighters on the Kitchen Theatre stage throughout the weekend.

The Goddess Movement from Abbotsford got ladies up out of their seats with pumping up the tunes and getting everyone to participate in some dance and Zumba moves! Check it out:

Jay Qualls from Cake Boss: the Next Great Baker (TLC) is on stage now! He is introducing local ladies to Fondant Fabric. Stop by Saturday or Sunday to learn all about this innovative baking product.

It’s getting hot in here! The 2012 Hall of Flame Charity Calendar Fire Fighters put on quite the show this evening! It was a full house of excited women and the men didn’t disappoint!!! They are on site all weekend selling their calendars to raise money for the Burn Fund another other local charities. Be sure to come by tomorrow evening at 7:30pm to check out the 911 Fashion Show.

What is a women’s show without fashion? The Passion for Fashion Show showcased outfits and new looks from booths throughout the show, Bootlegger, Suzy Sheer, Le Chateau and Express from the Cottonwood Mall and Abbotsford Dance Center!

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