10 Things To Do In The Fraser Valley When It’s Raining

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I have two tinies that are not yet school age (and another one on the way). Autumn has arrived with its grey and rainy days here in the Fraser Valley but that doesn’t mean we have to spend our days in the house watching Kids CBC. Here are our favourite things to do when it’s pouring rain outside.

  • I don’t know what it is about rainy days that create an insatiable need for me to bake but it must be genetic. Few activities are as heart warming as a cozy morning spent inside, baking cookies or banana bread. And it fills the whole house with the good smells of cinnamon.

The Baking Stance
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  • Get creative with crafttime. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun. Using primarily recyclables (like your cardboard egg carton or the inside of a paper towel roll or empty cereal boxes) as a base, you and your tinies can create villages or dioramas or puppets. A great blog for creative crafts for the younger set is No Time for Flashcards.
  • Try a kid friendly session at your local rec centre. Most community centres offer free play time in the gym as well as classes in everything from dance to hockey.
  • Head to an indoor play centre. One of our favourites is The Great Escape in Langley. It’s appropriate for all ages with everything from laser tag to rock walls and even a jungle themed adventure playground. And for those of us with busy toddlers, there is a separate play area with age appropriate equipment.
  • Have a family film festival. Make popcorn, curl under a blanket and enjoy a day of old Disney classics like Mary Poppins to bring some cheer.
  • Go camping in the living room. My tinies can keep themselves busy for a good part of a day if I drape a bed sheet over four chairs in the living room. Pretty soon, they’ve hauled all of their toys in there and are begging for lunch on the floor and microwave s’mores.
  • Set up a board games. My tinies are still in the Candyland stage but Monopoly marathons are the stuff of family legend.

Story Time at the North Library
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  • Go to storytime at the library. Most local libraries have a storytime with songs and read-alongs for children. Even if storytime isn’t your thing, go to the library at a less busy time and collect books to read at home together. Check out the Fraser Valley Regional Library website for your nearest library location.
  • Join forces with a friend. Take turns welcoming each other over to your homes to have play time with the kids together. Fresh friends, fresh toys and a new environment go a long way.  For me, I’ve found that it helps if you make a pact not to stress out about clean baseboards or serving fancy food or “entertaining.”  Just get together and hang out for a morning – it’s good for everyone.
  • If you can’t beat the rain, just join it. We put on our rain gear and go out anyway to splash in puddles, swing umbrellas, stomp and try to catch rain in buckets or our mouths or (shudder) hunt for big worms. In the autumn, it’s rarely too cold to be outside, so it’s a refreshing way to get some fresh air and burn off some energy from the tinies.

What are your favourite things to do in the Fraser Valley when it’s raining?

Contributor: Sarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey is a marketer, writer and blogger. She lives in Abbotsford for her husband and two children. Twitter: @emergingmummy

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